Mera “Ghar” jal rha hai! (My “House” is on fire!)

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Burning grass at PU.It was Friday night when I’s returning from Salt’n Pepper, there we celebrated the birthday of one of our friends, to the Punjab University with two of my friends.

Soon after I crossed the traffic signal of the Seasons Chowk (intersection) Barkat Market, I stopped my bike to have a look at a scene. My friends also stopped and came after me.

The first sight was marvelous. It was the fire in the premisis of Punjab University (PU) hostels near the under construction stadium of PU. As there was darkness all around, the scene was something unexplainable.

We all were excited to see such a fantastic scene. For an instance I couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing it.  It was a new thing, at least for me. I couldn’t stop myself to capture that scene in my camera.

But after a while, my further observations changed my excitement to a painful thought. It felt like burning your own house. I’s really disappointed on this intolerable damage to the environment. The fire was lit to burn the long grass.

The government, on one side, claims that they have done and are doing a lot for the environment but the reality is something else. The PU is a government entity and if the government can’t follow there own rules, why would the people bother to follow them. There are examples of cutting of thousands of trees, in recent years, in the name of development. The government does no even bother to have a study on environment impact for its projects.

grass burning at PU.

We, the Lahoris, are already suffering from the bad atmospheric conditions. I still miss those beautiful scenes of stars twinkling at night. Now there’s nothing except thick clouds of pollution. Its not only affecting the beauty of Lahore but is also dangerous to health.

The amazing fact is that; I am not a smoker, but I inhale smoke the whole day.


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